Friday, March 27, 2015

Discovered Twitter

I discovered Twitter last night!  To be honest I've been on twitter and known about it for a while, I've just never used it to any extent before.  I discovered that you can look things up by "#" whatever you choose.  Holy Cow!  I was amazed at what I found.  When I came up with the idea of Chemo Ninja in 2011 I had no idea that the term itself was so popular.  It was awesome to see all the posts of the Chemo Ninja Cancer Assassin logo, but the icing on the cake was literally icing on the cake.
This beautiful young lady is not only wearing one of the CNCA shirts she had it made into a cake!  I hope that I get to see many more things where the Chemo Ninja has encouraged you.  Please send me your pictures of your shirt and anything else you've done with the CNCA logo.  Let me know your story.  My goal is to help encourage, and as we begin to raise larger funds to truly help families with some of the costs involved with fighting cancer.  Christmas has been our most successful time of year so far.  Please support us and I will continue to post all the other Chemo Ninja's out there!

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