Sunday, November 8, 2015

I just wanted to share with everyone that we've had a huge month involving Chemo NInja.  I work with a lady (Julie Watkins​) she is currently battling lung cancer.  Through the course of October we sold Chemo Ninja Cancer Assassin T-shirts to people on our job site, to raise money or Julie.  When everything was said and done we raised $1550 to help Julie and her daugter with some of the expenses they are accruing through this process.  My current job site isn't allowing us to share pictures from the site, so I'll be asking those who purchased a shirt to post pictures of them wearing them online as soon as they can.  We look forward to helping other families in the future. I want to say it looked something like this but there was no big check, I thought it would represent the exchange better though.   Please share the Chemo Ninja name, and the mission of helping families fight the cost of cancer. and